Our instructors have a wealth of experience and are passionate about helping you develop your skills to get the most out of your flying. As well as general flight training, our instructors have specialist experience in tail dragger and airstrip training. We are passionate about real “hands on, seat of the pants” flying training, and take pride in teaching good old fashioned flying skills that is sadly lacking today. 


Becoming A Microlight Pilot




First Step We recommend that you take a 30-minute “hands on” cost share trial flight to see weather you like it. 

This flight me be able to be put in your log book and can count toward your total flight time.

If you decide to take it furthur will you need to join either one of the two governing bodies RAANZ or SAANZ the instructor you choose will have to be a member of the same organization


AGE – To fly solo you must be at least 16,


Medical – For A microlight Licence you must simply fill in a medical declaration after signed by your local doctor.

If you have any of the medical issues specified in the declaration you may need to see a CAA medical examiner.


Examinations – After reading all of the study materials their comes the written exam. Which you can organise with your instructor




A microlight licence is a simpler and easier option for most people. Modern microlights can be extremely sophisticated and capable at a fraction of the cost of larger heavier aircraft.

If your interested in flying for the pure joy of it. Microlight flying is for you.


The licence is a graduated system ranging from Novice all the way to National cross-country. So you can fly yourself and a passenger all around the country. Call us and come and have a look at the Foxbat.




30 Minute Trial Flight & Gift Vouchers

The following rates are for our 30 minute standard trial flight in which we offer through Greymouth Aero Club.

Prices are current as of 2018 and are subject to change. Trial Flight vouchers are valid for 6 months. After this time, for a short period, only their use is negotiable and are subject to extra costs if prices have increased since purchase. Vouchers will be mailed usually within 24-48 hours of purchase. Max weight limit 115Kg per person

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